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Helping you gain motivation and confidence to overcome current obstacles in your life and career.
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About Me

I truly believe that some things in life do not need to be that difficult! I am constantly meeting individuals who have tons of potential, but are stuck on current obstacles in their life or careers that they lose focus, motivation & eventually forget what they are actually capable of achieving. And yes, some of us are able to overcome obstacles on our own.

But why struggle alone when the path could be easier with my support?

My mission is simple: Help as many people as possible gain self-confidence and unlock their potential. I have worked with a range of individuals, from people who needed career development advice to implement a career change, to CV and resume advice, job interview prep, MBA admission consulting, early stage startup advice or simply a motivation and confidence boost.

As for my background, I am Canadian Lebanese living in Tokyo since 2017. I have launched 2 startups and helped negotiate a successful exit on a third. I have worked in various industries, countries and functions (Linkedin Profile). I am passionate about road cycling, Japanese tea ceremony, gender equality, stoic philosophy, and volunteering with NPOs that support the homeless, orphans and single mothers.

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Bespoke 1-On-1 Sessions

Organizations I Have Worked With

My Services

Life Can Be Overwhelming.

The Good News Is, I Can Help. Support. Motivate.

My areas of focus are listed below. Hover over each one to learn more!

My areas of focus are listed below. Click on each one to learn more!

Early Stage Startup Advice

I have been helping startups win competitions, receive funding, improve strategy, and exit successfully.

  1. Pitch feedback & business plan support
  2. Fundraising advice; VC introductions
  3. Advice on market strategy, growth planning and product management
  4. Guidance on partnerships and BD

Career Development

Guidance to determine the finish line you want to cross, and the many steps in between.

  1. Define professional success
  2. Determine how your current skills & experiences can get you to the job you want
  3. Improve critical soft skills
  4. Set goals and build a roadmap for a career change

MBA Admissions Consulting

The road to an MBA can be tough. My advice will make things easier for you, as it did for many others!

  1. GMAT strategies/tips
  2. MBA essay review and feedback
  3. MBA interview prep
  4. How to choose the right program for you
  5. How to determine the right time to apply for an MBA

Business Communication

Taking your verbal and written communication skillsets to the next level.

  1. Help you articulate your thoughts in the most effective manner
  2. Provide guidance on how to earn trust through clear communication
  3. Comprehensive analysis of your verbal and non-verbal performance
  4. Practice together so you feel more confident and trust yourself




    • One 30 minutes session
    • Meeting minutes will be provided
    • Rescheduling is possible 

    StandardMost popular


    • One 60 minutes session
    • Meeting minutes will be provided
    • Rescheduling is possible
    • One week of email support included

    PremiumBest value


    • Six 60 minutes sessions
    • Meeting minutes will be provided
    • Rescheduling is possible
    • Six weeks of email support included

    Getting Started Is As Easy As 1, 2 , 3!


    Wingee Sampaio

    “An accomplished coach with an empathetic personality that easily makes clients feel more accessible to his service” – Mizuki Nakano, MBA Applicant

    Jad provided comprehensive help for my MBA application, all the way from essay counselling to MBA interview prep through a 3 months plan. In addition to completing the application with confidence, I was able to find true aspiration and motivation in my career through Jad’s coaching. I truly appreciate his dedication, competence and attentive personality.

    Wingee Sampaio


    “Your idea aside…what’s your story?” Jad questioned me. His guidance helped me appreciate the strength of my story and its ability to draw the concern of different people to the environmental problem my startup (GOMI) seeks to solve. As such, there has been a pool of individuals and companies, ready to aid me and my team on the rugged path of starting up. Thanks to Jad’s coaching, GOMI is not only an award-winning startup but is also well-positioned to redefine waste management in Uganda!

    Wingee Sampaio

    “Our Cartier Women Initiative fellow gained invaluable insights from Jad’s coaching” – Wingee Sampaio, Head of CWI

    Jad was a coach to our first ever Japanese fellow in the Cartier Women’s Initiative program. His dedication and commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs was one of the strongest we have ever seen in the program. He took tremendous care and empathy in supporting our fellow, and we are grateful for his contribution to the Cartier Women’s Initiative.


    “I would recommend Jad to anyone looking for a sincere, energetic and professional coach.” – Shiyu Wu, Founder of funda

    My team and I were very fortunate to have Jad as our coach. With Jad’s guidance, we won the 2nd place out of 76 teams in our MBA venture competition. Jad is a great listener and mentor. He was very dedicated through the whole coaching journey with us. He provided us invaluable insights which guided us to clarify our problem statement and refine our business model. We were always inspired after each session with him. 


    “JAD provided me with invaluable MBA Admission & career DEVELOPMENT advice” – Gabriele Bortolotti, Marketing Manager at Ashinaga

    I consider Jad both a friend and a mentor. He really helped me out when I was making an important career decisions: enrol in an MBA program, or spend more time in the workforce and focus on gaining more work experience. He is both a careful listener and a charismatic speaker. I really value the coaching he gave me, and I admire his entrepreneurial mindset.

    Wingee Sampaio


    I met Jad in 2019 through the Cartier Women Initiative. From the beginning of our 90 day coaching program, I was surprised by Jad’s empathy, maturity, and intelligence, despite being of the same age. Jad consistently gave me energy and motivation to overcome obstacles and move to the next step in my entrepreneurial journey. To date, he continues to support me especially during difficult and tough times. He is my honourable and everlasting life coach!


    I Have Never Tried Coaching Before. Is That Okay? Should I Choose The First Timer Package?

    Yes that is definitely okay! I highly encourage you to choose the first timer package. It is designed to reduce the barrier for people who would like to try coaching but have doubts about its effectiveness. The session will be 30 minutes in which we will discuss your coaching needs, and address any concerns/doubts that you may have. My $59 price is based on a survey I did with participants who never had a coaching session before, in which they indicated they would value an introductory coaching session anywhere between $40 and $100. I am happy to offer a reduce price, as what is important for me is that you get a head start on overcoming your obstacles. In addition, you will also receive a one-time 15% discount for the 1 hour Single Session.

    Is Coaching Effective?

    The International Coaching Federation did a survey which showed that 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. Coaching has been proven to work and is becoming more popular. What I always inform my clients is that our work together goes hand in hand. I will do my best to support you, but I will need you to also commit to sharing your thoughts, addressing my challenging questions, reflecting on our conclusions and applying the action items!

    How Is Coaching Different From Therapy? From Receiving Support From Family & Friends?

    Coaching is not therapy as coaches do not focus on past issues or trauma in your life. Instead, coaches focus on current goals you want to achieve and current obstacles that are hindering you from getting to where you want to be. When you get stuck, I will offer my support, advice and perspective to give you the right motivation and confidence to achieve your objectives. Friends and family can offer good emotional support to overcome obstacles, however my support differs as it focuses on objective and factual feedback to help you unlock your potential.

    How Long Must I Commit To Working With A Coach?

    In an ideal scenario, three months of once a week sessions would be an adequate amount of time to see impactful results. People tend to try coaching for a few sessions, realize the various benefits and then decide to stay on for a longer period. While there are coaches who like to offer programs of up to 1 year of length, I prefer to keep things simple and focus on short term wins that would help you get to the next stage in your life and career.

    Should I Become Dependant On A Coach?

    Short answer: no. You should only require a coach in order to accelerate your personal growth at the current time. Please consider Therapy if you’re looking for someone to be dependant on. 

    Shouldn't I Be Able To Achieve My Goals On My Own?

    While some people can achieve results on their own, a lot of times it comes with big sacrifice in their personal lives, emotioanl state, and/or health. Just like athletes require coaching in order to excel in their sport, a coach will help you excel in your professional and personal life. Motivational coaching can help you open more opportunities in your life, and provide you with the right amount of objective feedback and motivation to overcome current obstacles.

    How Are You Affiliated To The 4 Organizations Listed Above?

    I am currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, an Advisor for Loyal VC, a Business Coach and Mentor for the Cartier Women Initiative, and a Mentor for the AAI Scholars at Ashinaga. My work and relationship with them are independant from the services I provide here. 

    Which City Are You Based In? Can We Meet Face To Face?

    I am currently based in Tokyo. I am open to meeting clients in any of the 23 Tokyo wards. Overall, I tend to do most of my sessions online using Skype or Google Meet.

    Do You Turn Down Certain Clients?

    Yes I do. While I believe every person has the ability to receive coaching and show improved results, I am not interested in coaching people affiliated with gangs or cults.

    Can Coaching Hurt Someone?

    No. As a client, you are always responsible for your own life, decisions and actions. My job as a coach is to provide positive support, motivation and fresh perspective. Sometimes you may be challenged to think differently than you normally would, but you must always decide whether to take the advice or not. In no way can I control your thoughts, actions or life.

    How Many Days In Advance Should I Make My Reservation?

    Two days in advance. The booking calendar already takes that into account. Should you have urgent needs, please contact me using the form below and I will do my best to accommodate you as early as possible.

    Is It Possible To Reschedule Or Cancel?

    Yes it is possible to reschedule through the Client Login page which you can access here. Please note you can only do so up to 2 days prior to your appointment. Unfortunately, cancellations are not possible, however I would be happy to offer you a credit that you can use for a future session.

    Do You Have A Referral Discount?

    Yes! Please contact me through the contact form below if you’d like to refer friends. They will get a 15% discount on their first hourly session. Once a friend completes his/her first hourly session, you will get a 15% discount on your upcoming session.

    Are Credit Card Payments Secure? Do You Use Stripe?

    Yes! We are using Stripe to process any credit card payment. Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that your payment information is safe and secure and will not be stored on our servers. With Stripe, you can use any major debit and credit cards, as well as Google Pay, Apple Pay, AliPay, Visa Checkout, Masterpass and Microsoft Pay.

    Contact Me

    Have any questions? Please use the form below and I’ll get back to you in 48 hours.